Clumping Bamboo, or "Clumpers", have a very dense rhizome structure. Instead of spreading outward quickly over a long distance, they spread outward only a small distance and then turn upward and become new shoots. Clump-forming bamboo are usually less than 15 feet tall at maximum height, though a couple varieties can grow near 20 feet. Their culms are usually thin at less than an inch in diameter, and tend to bend over more due to their smaller culms. With Clumping Bamboo, you'll end up with thich bushes of bamboo rather than a grove like Running bamboo. Clumpers do best in shady areas. 


Fargesia robusta - aka Robusta
Height: ~15feet, Diameter 0.75 inches

Robusta is one of the most popular clumping bamboos. It has an attractive upright habit - a form far superior to most other clumping bamboos - hence it is the only clumper we currently sell. 
It stands tall unless covered with snow or ice. Its young culms are a lovely green with culm sheaths that dry to white and remain attached for a few weeks. Robusta shoots twice a year in early Spring and mid-Summer.