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Portrait of Dain Sansome with vivax bamboo

Dain is a biology graduate of Carleton College and a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo.  The Willamette Valley's favorable soils and climate made Oregon an easy choice to pursue growing bamboo as part of a lifelong dream.  When just two years old he saw the 1980 National Geographic special on bamboo and credits this for an early spark.  His dream of growing large forests of timber bamboo grew out of wanting to become a ninja.  Seeing how bamboo was integral to the lifestyle of peasant Japanese farmers back in the Feudal Era and elemental in the core physical and weapons training in Ninjutusu, he saw how his garden had to have big bamboo to be complete.  Growing up in Minnesota didn't provide any opportunity for really exploring large-scale timber bamboo farming, but after marrying Suya Fujisawa of Yokohama, Japan, they made the choice to move to Oregon.  Now Albany is their home and they are growing bamboo on 9 acres and have three children, Mei, Shino and Lyla.

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Portrait of Suya Sansome with vivax bamboo

Suya is a graduate of the Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University in Tokyo, and the Asian Rural Institute's Rural Leadership and Sustainable Agriculture training program.  She met Dain at ARI in 2001


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