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         Phyllostachys nigra

Other names:  "Black Bamboo" or "Kuro-chiku" (黒竹)

Statistics:  Height:  30-60 feet   Diameter:  1-4 inches

Black Bamboo is always in style.  Its black culms, delicate dark green leaves, excellent strength, and large size are remarkable.  The shoots emerge in mid-spring, usually late April through May.  They are covered with brown hairs, and are delicious when boiled.  Each spring Black Bamboo produces and abundance of shoots.  Once Black Bamboo is fully grown it stands up very well, but if the culms are under an inch in diameter they will droop when it there is heavy rain, snow, or ice.  Black bamboo is good for crafts, construction, and decoration.

A close up of some nice nigra culms.

Detail--the shoot of each species of bamboo has distinguishing characteristics.

Suya in front of a screen of nigra in near Mt. Tabor in Portland.  Notice how it's topped.

Here kitty kitty

In a newly thinned grove of 39 foot tall nigra.

The shoots this year came up and turned black almost immediately.  This doesn't always happen.  Sometimes it takes a couple of years.

The thickness of the root system stabilizes this over-sloped bed.

The leaves of the nigra family are elegant.

This parking lot hedge of nigra needs its annual trimming.  It's twice as tall as it should be with the new shoots now fully grown.

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