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         Phyllostachys heteroclada

Other names:  "Water Bamboo," Phyllostachys congesta

Statistics:  Height:  15-30 feet   Diameter:  1-1.5 inches

Water Bamboo is so called because of the little air channels that run lengthwise just under the skin of the rhizome.  It is believed that these make it tolerant of wet soil, acting like straws to keep oxygen flowing and preventing rot.  Water Bamboo is interesting for its straight culms that hardly taper until the very top where the branches begin.  This is a valuable characteristic if you want canes with a uniform diameter.  Water Bamboo shoots in mid-spring.  The shoots are green with bright orange margins on their sheaths.  Water bamboo is a vigorous runner, but relatively easy to control as the rhizomes are quite shallow.  This bamboo grows to about 30 feet, making it appropriate and useful for places where taller bamboos might not work.  A thicket of Water Bamboo grows very dense and cozy with a thick canopy, an excellent place for children's forts.

Culms of Phyllostachys heteroclada.

Mei is here 11 months old and learning to stand.

The new shoots come up in mid-May and have bright orange margins to the sheaths.

More new shoots.  Water bamboo is very productive, hence makes a dense thicket.

The heteroclada thicket.

A cross section of rhizome plainly showing the air channels.

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