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     Phyllostachys atrovaginata

              (Incense Bamboo)
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(Fish Pole or Golden Bamboo)
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(Water Bamboo)
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(Black Bamboo)
     Phyllostachys nigra ‘Bory’
(Tiger Bamboo)
     Phyllostachys nigra ‘Henon’
     Phyllostachys vivax
(Chinese Timber Bamboo)
     Qiongzhuea tumidissinoda
(Chinese Walking Stick Bamboo)

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     Fargesia robusta

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Clumping Bamboos

“Clumpers” as they are usually called, have a very dense rhizome structure and instead of spreading outward quickly their rhizomes grow outward slightly and soon turn up and become new shoots.  Clump-forming bamboos are usually less than 15 feet tall at maximum height, though a couple can grow to near 20 feet.  Their culms are usually diminutive, less than ¾ inch in diameter.  Clumpers usually get at least as big around as they grow tall.  The root mass may grow to more than 10 feet in diameter.  Many clumpers have a weepy look because of the small diameter of the culms.  Clumpers have a different growth strategy compared to runnersthey send up numerous shoots very close together and grow quickly into thick bushes.  The clumper Fargesia robusta even shoots twice a year.  Most clumpers do best in the shade.

Fargesia robusta is a popular clumper.

the rhizomes of clumpers are tight together like ornamental grasses.

Inside a tropical clumping bamboo forest.  This clumper is 120 feet tall.

Above and below:  The severe droop of so many clumping bamboos.

Fargesia nitida left ragged after winter.

Thamnocalamus tesselatus clump by a sidewalk.


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